Success Stories

A NHRMA Mutual Case Study

Fountainview, Inc.


They are the best I’ve ever worked with...
A well-established home located in Eldorado, Illinois, Fountainview has been serving the needs of long-term care residents since 1973. With 111 beds, the home has been a member of NHRMA Mutual since 1993. Because of the consultation and advice that NHRMA Mutual has provided Fountainview, the number of workers’ compensation claims over the years have been few.


An employee reported a back injury—which she claimed was work related—several days after the alleged incident. Even though the administration knew she had been dealing with back issues for quite some time she was asked to follow protocol and fill out a report despite the fact that it was days after the incident.

Three days after the report was filed, Fountainview received a call from the employee’s attorney seeking compensation and three weeks later the employee asked Fountainview where the compensation was. It was shortly thereafter that NHRMA Mutual, after careful review, denied the claim and explained that they would need to talk with her attorney.


The employee never contacted the home again, and the claim disappeared. As a result, Fountainview had no expenses related to this claim.

"Everyone at NHRMA Mutual is just so helpful. They are the best I've ever worked with, and I've been in the business for 20 years. I've learned more from them than I ever did before."

Administrator | Fountainview, Inc.

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