Success Stories

A NHRMA Mutual Case Study

Kreider Services, Inc.


"Other insurance companies would have paid for the MRI..."
Kreider Services is an Illinois-based, non-profit organization, that has provided support to the developmentally disabled since 1952. It operates 26 group homes located in Lee, Whiteside and Jo Daviess counties, an autism center, in-home supportive assistance and various other services to individuals with disabilities. In 2005, Kreider became a NHRMA Mutual member. One of the reasons for joining NHRMA Mutual was the aggressive support it provides during the claim settlement process, support that Kreider was able to benefit from soon after becoming a member.


Kreider Services received notice of a potential carpal tunnel syndrome claim. Kreider Services indicated their concerns about the compensability of the claim to their NHRMA Mutual claim contact. After a review of the documentation, initial doctor’s examination and employee interview, the NHRMA Mutual claim contact denied the claim as well as further unjustified medical testing.


The case has been closed. No legal action has been taken, and no payment was made to the claimant.

"Other insurance companies would have paid for the MRI and any treatment required afterward. We were not convinced it was work related, and NHRMA took control of the case. NHRMA is outstanding from loss control to claims management."

Julie Scholl
Director of Clinical and Support Services | Kreider Services, Inc.

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