Risk Management

The goal of our Risk Management Program is to reduce the number and the severity of claims incurred in your operations. Our loss control team will work directly with your staff to design a program specifically for you.


NHRMA members play a major and integral role in controlling their workers’ compensation costs. We firmly believe our Core Practices are a reliable and trustworthy means for establishing a strong foundation for effective risk management and a culture of safety. Our Core Practices include:

  • Post-accident drug testing
  • Use of designated medical providers
  • Post offer employment physicals
  • Active safety committees

Additionally, implementing an effective alternative duty/early return-to-work program—providing temporary alternative work duties for employees injured on the job—is critical for controlling workers’ compensation costs.

NHRMA’s Loss Control Specialists will help each member implement the Core Practices as well as provide on-site training for members’ staff in areas such as patient transfers, defensive driving, working with combative residents, slips/trips/falls reduction programs, and many more. We will provide on-site risk assessments and detailed individual service plans that can be used to guide members’ safety committees in their day-to-day efforts to develop a culture of safety throughout the organization.