Become A Broker

We welcome new brokers

As a broker, you provide guidance, reassurance, and knowledge to your clients. This is your chance to represent one of the leading providers of workers’ comp coverage for long-term care organizations. Partner with the experts at NHRMA Mutual—with our specialized long-term care niche and 35+ years of proven experience, we care about your clients as much as you do.

Advantages to being a broker for NHRMA Mutual

  • Agent contracts are not required

  • You set your own commission

  • NHRMA Mutual team members are available to participate in your sales presentations upon request

  • We have expert knowledge in both long-term care and workers’ compensation insurance—two highly regulated industries

  • Any broker or agent licensed in our states of operation may submit new business

  • NHRMA Mutual will consider most risks—large or small