Company History

NHRMA Mutual Insurance Company was formed in 1987 to provide workers’ compensation coverage to long-term care health and human service providers, including nursing homes, retirement living centers, assisted living/supportive living facilities, residential living facilities for the developmentally disabled, group homes/CILAs, day-training programs, workshops, children’s homes, home health care, and hospice agencies.
In 2005, we converted to a mutual insurance company. That means we’re a member-owned, member-controlled insurance company governed by our member-elected Board of Directors. This enables us to focus on meeting the needs of our members—not the desires of shareholders or investors. We take great pride in supporting organizations that support our members, including the Illinois Healthcare Association (IHCA), Illinois Association of Rehabilitation Facilities, Illinois Nursing Home Administrators Association (INHAA), and Leading Age. 
For 35+ years, we’ve delivered quality workers’ comp insurance services to the caregivers who work, every day, to provide care for the individuals our members serve.